1. She's A Six
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I used to wait for a perfect ten
But I'm never gonna go there again
When I need love I get a fix
From a six

She likes to hang out every night
My friends all thinks sh'­s very bright
She lives way out in the sticks
She'­s a six

When she's feeling blue
She's a six point two
When she's mad at me
She's a six point three
When the sex is great
She's a six point eight
When I'm drinking wine
She's a six point nine nine nine

She likes good bands
She's got cold hands
She's on the pill
I think she'­ll ill
In her own way
She's a good lay
She's always free
She's good for me
She hangs around with hotter chicks
She thinks the wrestling team are a bunch of dicks
That's why I dig that girl
She's a six