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It's OK to be fat
It's OK to be loud
OK to be dumb
It's OK to be proud
And if you think your cat's a gourmet
It's OK

It's OK to be rude
It's OK do be dense
OK to shoot if it's in self-defense
And if you write strippers off as a business expense, it's OK
It's OK
In the USA

It's OK to consume
It's OK not to care
Ok to spend too much time on your hair
If you've got to have it your way
It's OK
(More and more Americans are being treated for what doctors are calling Compassion Fatigue. Compassion Fatigue is when you become immune to the suffering of others. If you suffer from Compassion Fatigue, call 1-800-IFEEL-00.)
(Your home, your family. Nothing is more important. Nothing is more important than your home. Your family. Nothing is more important.)
(Relax. Don't let fear hold you back. Fear that people will be jealous of your money, your success. You deserve those things and more. You're a wonderful person.)
It's OK
In the USA