From the recording Happier Than You

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When I told you that I didn’t want any part of you
It wasn’t true
Cuz part of me still misses parts of you…

I miss your arm
The rest of you just lacked a certain charm
Your mouth and eyes just told me lies
But your arm was nice and warm
It never rubbed me wrong or caused me harm

I miss your knee
Pressed against me in a movie
Beside me on the train
It never turned against me like your heart
Or changed its mind about me like your brain

I miss your hair
If I never see your face again
I swear that I don’t care
Your grumpy moods
Your taste in shoes
Your arrogance
The way you dance
The way you left your laundry on the stair
I’ll never miss those things
The way I miss your hair

I wish the stuff about you
That I was so attached to
Was not attached to you
It isn’t fair
I miss your hair
I miss your knee
I miss your arm
Do they miss me?