1. Dry Spell

From the recording Happier Than You

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She believed in love
But she was starting to doubt it
Then she met a man
Who needed it just as bad
Now it’s hard to believe
She ever lived without it

Dina’s over her dry spell!
Everybody’s glad
Dina’s over her dry spell!
(Dry spell, yeah)
No more feeling mad

Like rainstorms in the desert
Like mountains in the spring
Like rivers over flowing
Tra la la la la!

Seemed like she was celibate forever
Seemed like she would never get her rocks off
Oh how she longed to get her rocks off
She waited for so long to get her rocks off

Suddenly she feels pretty
Suddenly she feels young
Suddenly her neighbor on the co-op board is not wrong

Something has displaced the rage
The months of feeling numb are done
Carnal knowledge has made the girl a sage
Now she’s in tune with the universal hum